I’ve been in a few cross-governmental discussions lately about design systems and shared component libraries (if you’re part of the GC, join us over in the design-gc-conception.slack.com group!).

Some of my favourite conversations have been around the purpose and intended audience of a design system, which have been really interesting…

I’ve been thinking a lot about scaling UX. When I joined the CRA UX R&D team in October, we had a decent-sized team of about a dozen (four of us were hired within three months). We’ve more than doubled in size since then.

When you have a small team, you…

Weeknotes — Feb 22–26, 2021

I’ve missed posting a few times over the past month or so, to the point where I’m just going to stop counting posts and/or weeks. Cut my losses and just get back to writing!

Last week I attended my first ever Nielsen Norman Group training session. Their courses, conferences and…

Weeknotes Post #37: Jan 30–Feb 14, 2021

Yes, I know that Jan 30 — Feb 14 is more than a week.. But this is my 37th post since starting with the public service :-)
And I’m not posting this til March. Yikes! I got behind. …

Andrea F Hill

Sr UX Specialist with Canada Revenue Agency, former web dev and product person. 🔎 Lifelong learner. Unapologetic introvert. Plant-powered marathoner. Cat mom.

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