A Brief Pause

Weeknotes #13: Aug 17–21, 2020

Andrea F Hill
2 min readAug 23, 2020

This week I took a pause from my standard way of working. My wife and I and our two cats headed out of town for the week. I spent three days in training, and took the other two days off.

As a “new” public servant and supervisor, I had a fair amount of onboarding training to go through. Thankfully a lot of information is available through the Canada School of Public Service, so just as I can #workFromAnywhere, I can #learnFromAnywhere.

Mortimer the City Cat got his first glimpse at a tractor and chickens! (He was afraid of the chickens)

Since I was already going to have some time off this week, it was easier to just let my colleagues know I was going to be largely unavailable this week. That way I could really focus on the modules on delegation of authority and performance management without trying to fit it in between meetings.

I have to say, having spent a year within the public service on interchange, I was pleasantly surprised how much I already knew about quite a few of the subjects covered in the training materials (especially around delegation of authority). I think I was better able to really understand the information because I’d seen examples.

So, it was a nice break from the day-to-day. I’m glad I worked my way through these hours of training, and I feel ready to jump back into “doing the work” again tomorrow!



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