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  • JTBD Toolkit

    JTBD Toolkit

    Lead your team to think about customers in a whole new way. The JTBD Toolkit has videos, webinars, tools, and templates — your go-to resource for all things Job

  • Regan Meloche

    Regan Meloche

    Developer working in Civic Tech

  • Lisa Cormier

    Lisa Cormier

    UX designer and researcher at Transport Canada

  • Joyce Silver

    Joyce Silver

    Professional public sector innovation advocate. Amateur cheese enthusiast, balcony gardener & physical distancer. Optimist. Pragmatist.

  • robyn paton

    robyn paton

    product manager. free agent. introvert. unable to sit still. YOW via YUL and YHZ.

  • Scott McNaughton

    Scott McNaughton

    Working on public sector innovation one problem at a time. Found biking and hiking on weekends. Father of young baby… what is sleep?

  • Simon Piche

    Simon Piche

  • Andrea Hill

    Andrea Hill

    UX Team Lead at Transport Canada. Lifelong learner. Unapologetic introvert. Cat mom.

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