I assume this is your (in)direct response to my post earlier today: Do Patents Encourage or Stifle Innovation https://medium.com/frameplay/do-patents-encourage-or-stifle-innovation-30ddbf3281bc

You’re right, Alan. Communities exist through the exchange of information. I’ve invited you several times to comment on posts I’ve made, to encourage open discussion. You’ve chosen not to.

Instead, I’m assuming you read my post and came over here, trying to justify your position on this matter and rally supporters behind you, while not directly responding to the post that undoubtedly spurred this rant.

If anyone wants to have a direct, thoughtful discussion about the merits or problems with patents, I’d love to have it. Just head on over to my original post — https://medium.com/frameplay/do-patents-encourage-or-stifle-innovation-30ddbf3281bc

-Andrea (not a patent holder, or a licensee. Just someone who wants to help companies bring valuable products to market.)

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