Input requested: what will we learn through ux research?

Approach one: the “Validating Product Ideas” list

This list is from the book Validating Product Ideas through Lean User Research by Tomer Sharon. I love this book and would recommend it! The book introduces these questions, plus approaches you can use to address them.

  • What do people need?
  • Who are the users?
  • How do people currently solve a problem?
  • What is the users’ workflow?
  • Do people want the product?
  • Can people use the product?
  • Which design generates better results?
  • How do people find stuff?

List 2

Or, I also thought of these as options:

  • How users do things now
  • What users expect from a given product or service
  • Whether what we’ve designed/built is usable
  • Actually, I want to generate a number of ideas



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Andrea F Hill

Andrea F Hill

Sr UX Specialist with Canada Revenue Agency, former web dev and product person. 🔎 Lifelong learner. Unapologetic introvert. Plant-powered marathoner. Cat mom.