Let Me Be Real

An introvert moves to a new country, and takes a job working from home. What could go wrong?

I was thrilled in late 2017 when my wife broached the idea of moving to Canada. It’s my native land, after all, and living in Trump’s America made me anxious all the time. Plus, I was doing consulting anyway, so it wasn’t like I even had to officially quit a job. We jumped at the chance, and so on Feb 2, 2018 we got on a plane in Denver, suitcases and cats in hand, to start our new life in Ottawa.

Ok, so I got a lot of cat cuddles during that time..so it wasn’t all bad
  1. competence
  2. relatedness
  1. mastery
  2. purpose


In my work, I have a decent amount of autonomy. That could be because I am out-of-sight, out-of-mind as a remote employee. I get the sense I miss a lot of hallway requests and meetings :-) That being said, of course when I worked for myself, I was the Queen of autonomy. I set my own hours, billing rates, and chose my own projects to pursue. So, my new work environment is a bit of a downgrade.


Although my job posting said “UX Specialist”, when I started in my role, I was put in the UX Designer bucket. I had (have?) some imposter syndrome about that. My wife is the Designer of the family. I consider my strengths to be more in the “What should we do” realm than the “How should we do it”. That being said, it has been great for me to contribute at that more detailed level, and the teams I support don’t seem to have any concerns about my work. I have been able to get more exposure to some different tools and acquire some new skills. (Sketch and Abstract FTW!)


Which brings me to the final piece of the self-determination theory puzzle.

Sr UX Specialist with Canada Revenue Agency, former web dev and product person. 🔎 Lifelong learner. Unapologetic introvert. Plant-powered marathoner. Cat mom.