Hands holding an iPad, surrounded by a cornucopia of ingredients. Yum!

Taking Stock of Your Research “Ingredients”

Collecting customer verbatims and usage behaviour isn’t the goal; they’re simply ingredients to use for a greater purpose

On a counter, in a cupboard, in the basement on in the trash; using spatial metaphors to understand the participants’ perception of the content
Basil in two forms: dried and fresh (it’s a metaphor, see?)

Ingredients can be used in VERY different recipes

A select list of LexisNexis products

Collecting the ingredients you need

Cookie monster cookies on Pinterest. Caption “nailed it” — the end result is NOTHING like the model

You need ingredients. But you really want what they allow you to do



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Andrea F Hill

Sr UX Specialist with Canada Revenue Agency, former web dev and product person. 🔎 Lifelong learner. Unapologetic introvert. Plant-powered marathoner. Cat mom.