Thanks for the thoughtful response, Michael.

This was a perfect example where the level of abstraction changes everything. :-) I did assume that the ‘tracking’ was an identified Job Step you were focusing on, but definitely it’s only one (potential) step in the bigger Job.

Often we product or ux folks, we can get caught up in focusing on one step we know really well, or feel we can execute on the most. But if the goal of the Educator is to help their students succeed, we may get the most impact by focusing on some other step in the process for certain segments.

I don’t love the “Activity” terminology that’s being bandied about, unless it’s just a term for Functional Job. I believe that people have Functional Jobs to be Done, and we can segment them by what success looks like for them, and how satisfied they are with existing solutions out there.

For example: some educators may struggle with tracking and need solutions that help with that, and others may have other areas that are more important to them. But “Jobs-as-Activities” isn’t at the Step level (tracking) but the Job level (Supporting students).

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