Weeknotes 2: June 1–5, 2020

Andrea F Hill
1 min readJun 8, 2020

First, #blacklivesmatter

This was a week to start starting some things. I sent over a first draft of a research plan to Simon early in the week, and then continued to add to it.

Moreso than simply doing research to support product development, I’m very interested in operationalizing how we do research. There is so much we CAN do, we need to be strategic in how we prioritize.

Early in the week I was speaking with another member of my team and said that although it may be a bit of a vanity metric, I wanted to keep track of who we engaged with, from a role and mode perspective. We’re building a system, so how do we ensure we’re engaging with a representative group of users? It’s simple, but I’ve started a spreadsheet of the different programs so we can track who we engage with.

In my initial research plan, I identified three different types of research initiatives.

  1. High-level Jobs-to-be-Done mapping of the end-to-end experience
  2. Product/feature level discovery
  3. Internal workshop of service mapping (how do proposed backend systems align with the user experience)

It literally took one day before I spoke with another designer from elsewhere in TC about some usability testing she’d like to do. Oh right, that… (My problem-space bias was showing, obviously!)

Already there’s starting to be quite a backlog of ‘things we could do’, so I’m also starting to create a backlog of possible opportunities.

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