Weeknotes #31/32: Dec 21–31, 2020

Andrea F Hill
2 min readJan 6, 2021

Better late than never! I’m combining these two entries as the past few weeks have been a bit of a blur…

During our (virtual) team holiday party on Dec 18th, I got a call from our realtor that our condo in Ottawa had officially sold! My wife was off work from Dec 18 — Jan 4th, and there were two long weekends over the break, so we seized the opportunity to relocate to British Columbia.

On week 31, Dec 21–24th, I continued to work while packing was going on around me. Week 32 was already going to be a light week with the Boxing Day holiday on Monday and New Years Day on Friday, so I also took off Tuesday and Thursday.

So over my five-working-days-over-two-weeks, I focused primarily on wrapping up the Task Performance Indicator/Top Tasks report that I’ve been working on. The challenge was balancing the high-level summary that would be useful for some stakeholders with the more in-depth recommendations for others.

I briefly considered having two separate decks, but then decided it may be too difficult to keep them in sync. I was also struggling with some Golidlocks-ing.. how to balance what information not to put in the high-level deck. In the end, I created a single deck and hope that the organization will make it accessible and useful for both audiences.

Sorry for the vagueness — still struggling with exactly how much I should share about specifics!

I’m looking forward to wrapping this up and moving forward. I feel like it’s dragged on a bit, in part because I don’t have anything else queued up to start quite yet.



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