With Amazon Underground, Amazon sets its sights on game development

Netflix analyzed the viewing patterns of its users to understand what made for binge-worthy, engaging TV. Now Amazon is doing the same with Underground, it’s own version of the app store.

Unlike Google Play or the Apple App Store, users aren’t forced to pay to download or play the games they prefer. Amazon is footing the bill; paying developers based on how much their games are played. By removing this friction for end-users, they get clearer data about adoption and usage.

As noted in Wired’s article “Amazon Underground, a new kind of app store, is blowin’ up,” this model appeals to developers, who don’t have to add paywalls or advertising to disrupt gameplay in the hopes of getting paid. But don’t think for a moment that this approach is purely Amazon trying to incentivize developers to code for its platform.

There is absolutely a data play here, and don’t be surprised when Amazon introduces its own Game development division.

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